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February 16th, 2014, 07:42 AM
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Hi ladies

wow this year is already going by so fast. didn't realize it's been as long as it has since I last checked in.

I've been pretty pre occupied with our pending move. It's been a bit of a kiddie roller coaster ride so far.

In January we had a friend who is a realtor come and look at our house. She did some comparables to what has sold recently and similar to our home and came back with a price. It was lower than what we were wanting it to be. A little blow to our plan.

Then my brother n law showed some interest so we decided we would sell to him for the price the realtor came back with. It's a win win win. We get to sell and move, my n laws don't have strangers living next to them (their property boards ours on two sides) and my brother n law can own his own home (he and his wife are currently raising two kids in a small rented single wide trailer).

We have been looking for houses on line for the past several weeks and talking to a realtor in FL. We find ones we like, then they sell or are too much. Frustrating trying to find a home so many miles away.

A couple days ago I contacted a mortgage company in FL and applied for pre approval. Most everything here is in my husbands name and he has a black mark on his credit from an issue we had a couple years ago and all our debt shows on him so our new home purchase will have to fall on me and my credit alone. I did get the pre approval, but with the stipulation that I make pretty much the same income I make here. That's not going to be so easy to start as I have been with my job for 9 years.

Factor in that I have to get a job down there before a lender will even consider me, time to find a home, closing etc. WE have a camper, but with our animals we cannot live in it for any extended amount of time. So we have now changed our search from trying to a home comparable to ours to something we can afford outright cash so we can close quicker and have something to move into shortly after we get there. Renting is just not something we want to do.

We searched schools and the kids have their preferences on the ones they want so we are also trying to find homes in a particular area.

Time is ticking away and we plan to close here with my brother n law in April and "rent" from him til June when the kids get out of school.

We have also made the decision that we need to re-home one of our dogs. He was a rescue we took in 3 years ago. He is a handful and fits in fine in the rural area we live in with little to no neighbors and a couple acres property, but will be a problem in a smaller yard and area with neighbors.

This whole process is mentally exhausting and I don't want to even think about downsizing all our crap and packing yet

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