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February 16th, 2014, 03:37 PM
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Wow, it has been forever since I've been on here! Life has been a little hectic lately. I had a wonderful visit with my family, although it was quite bittersweet. My sister was there too, she flew in from Oregon, and she is 5 months pregnant (she got pregnant the second month they tried; I'm at the year and a half mark now). She had a very obvious baby bump, and even though I am happy for her, it still...hurt. A lot. I had a major breakdown while I was there (only one, though! Lol), had to go shut myself upstairs and cry. My mom came and talked to me a bit, which helped. So anyway, it was nice to see everyone, but I was very happy to come home.

As for the hectic-ness of life, DH and I bought a house right before I flew up to Ohio, so my mom and a few siblings drove me home and they helped us move, which was a BIG help. So now I'm working on unpacking and fun stuff like that.

AF showed up about a week ago, with possibly the worst cramps I've ever experienced, which was fun. But, we're on to a new cycle, so hopefully this time is it for us. I'm going to see a different OB/GYN in April if I'm not pregnant by then. He comes highly recommended by a lady in my church who had some fertility issues, so I'm hoping he will be proactive in finding out what's up and why we're having such difficulties. FX that I will get a BFP before then and won't need an appointment!
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