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February 16th, 2014, 06:45 PM
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Yes, it is important for babies to have "snacks" (as in food between meals) because they need to eat more frequently than adults (who actually really should have 5 small meals a day anyway... but that's another story!) BUT whe they say snacks, they are NOT saying it has to be empty carbs or man made vitamins fortified into empty carbs A snack CAN be veggies and fruit if you want it to be In fact, nutritionally, they say that is the best bet

ETA: I'm not saying cheerios are bad, only that when they snacks they don't mean "snack food" in the way that adults think of snack food. As far as fortified carbs go, cheerios are a great option! We don't personally use them but I'm not knocking those who do! Just saying those of us who go for fresh fruit and veggies instead of yogurt puffs and cheerios ARE still giving the nutritionally recommended snacks, just not in the way most people think of snacks (ie: cookies, etc)
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