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February 17th, 2014, 06:06 AM
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I agree. Join a board. For me abortion is an important choice that women have. But it isn't birth control! There are some girls here who are so young, have no work experience, have no husband, no support, no ability to make money. That is what it came down to for me. I got a "Surprise" and am not ready. I really don't want to be pregnant right now. But you know what? I am 35, employable, married, and have no excuse other than I was too lazy to go get a condom. For me, that wasn't good enough. Im as pro choice as you get, but prochoice doesn't me it was my choice for my circumstance! In the end, you can only decide that or yourself. But you seem in a much better place than most woman posting here. Plus - at 35 I doubt you will regret it. The DDC boards are a great help. I hope you join one! Good luck!!!!
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