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February 17th, 2014, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ashleysworried View Post
hello, just an update. still trying to go to doctor. mother is preventing me from going for insurance reasons. but wil be going very soon. so please don't mention it.
but for an update, I have had another period. yet the period was just like mentioned before. brown discharge. short. no blood really. if I would happen to be pregnant iwould be about 5-6 weeks now. the only symptom I have sore boobs. but it could be from ovulating maybe.ive also fluctuated my weight a lot. I dropped 12 pounds in a day then went back up to 103(my normal) in a few days. I have also had 3 negative tests. I want to test again. I also want to go to doctor. please reply but refrain from doctor comments. I want people to read this that my be in the same boat as me. Strange periods, on the pill. what do you think?
I had a weird period as soon as I ended my BCP. I really thought I was pregnant, and so did everyone else. I had all the symptoms, but a negative on a HPT. Went to my gyno, they did a blood test, and I wasn't pregnant. The period was very light and I had bad nausea, sore boobs, exhausted, you name it. Turns out I did get pregnant the next month though (now 28 weeks).
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