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February 17th, 2014, 06:35 PM
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There are two things to watch for: (1) Whether the zinc oxide would harm the fetus, and (2) Whether the zinc oxide would stimulate a miscarriage. (1) As long as the zinc oxide is not nano-sized, very little should be absorbed through the skin. Zinc oxide is a recommended sunscreen for pregnant women. Please note that you cannot just compare one form of zinc (i.e., dietary forms) with another. (2) Yes, zinc is a recommended daily nutrient for all people, and the dosage increases for pregnant women; the body uses zinc to generate new cells and new tissue. However, too much during pregnancy can be dangerous. Because I don't know the limits - and I have seen no data regarding how much zinc oxide (in the non-nano form) actually absorbs through the skin, I will be applying zinc oxide in my homemade sunscreen, but in moderation.
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