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February 18th, 2014, 01:18 PM
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We are going to a cold snowy place for a week's vacation (leaving florida and 75* temps seems crazy right now, lol) and I need help. I know I can't lug the big stroller there b/c 1. it's annoying and 2. icy snow streets wouldn't be good with the stroller anyway. We got a big bag to store the carseat and base in that will be a cross body bag in the airport. We will be bringing our Boba carrier, which DS finally is getting the hang of. Ok - so what do you ladies do when it gets cold? Do you dress the baby in a big snow suit and put him in the carrier over your coat? Under your coat? Regular warm clothes under a coat? Wrap the baby in a blanket? I want to know what to pack b/c I'd like to pack smart.. I'm having a bunch of diapers and wipes sent to the resort via Amazon to avoid having to find them in the grocery store. I know if I don't get some tips I'll end up panic packing and bring like 2 snowsuits and 2 carriers and all the fleece in the house, which I don't have room for in my luggage.


PS: We couldn't get the hang of the bottle! I might buy a sippy cup and see how that goes but it looks like unless my inlaws want to drive the baby down to the bottom of the mountain every two hours for me to breastfeed that I won't be able to ski. I pumped for 30 min and got ONE OZ last night. Arrrggg
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