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February 18th, 2014, 01:56 PM
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Finally something, I know about! lol. Here's what I do, living in Canada: I put him in the ergo carrier with the infant insert, on top of the infant insert and under baby is a muslin blanket, nice and big and light but super warm. Then I wrap the blanket around him and put him in the carrier, plus a hat. Then I wear a huge zip up sweater, which goes around the carrier and can zip up and over his head, but I usually just zip it up so it's not open on the sides and it open on the top and then put the clip cover over his head if it's windy or really cold, or leave it open if it's relatively nice. Then I wear my regular coat, open, over top of that (that's for my warmth!). He is always toasty warm when I take him out and it's gotten pretty cold here (-15 c)!

I find if he's next to me that he stays warmer than if I wear him on the outside. With the boba I'm not sure how it would work though. Are their arms and legs hanging out? If so, you probably want to do a snowsuit, in which case you might want to wear Ben on the outside. In this case I would bring mitts and booties too because their extremities would get cold. I just googled the boba and looks like you can tuck them into it. So, I would recommend what I do, wrap the baby in a blanket and tuck all extremities into the carrier, borrow a large zip up sweater from your husband and put that over the carrier, then your jacket. Because there's no flap that goes over their head in the boba, to keep the warm air in, I would recommend zipping it up over his head. Should be plenty warm with a hat. I don't even put gloves on Henry because he's wrapped in the blanket completely.

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