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February 19th, 2014, 12:14 PM
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These have been great suggestions. I pumped today after I fed him and he was napping and I got about 2.5 oz (both breasts). I'll just keep at it! I bought a sippy cup to transition from nursing to cups thinking maybe that'd work, because he doesn't like the Ameda bottles that come with the pump + dr brown nipples, and he only slightly likes the avent better. Plus we'll be with my MIL who can help be persistent with the bottle feeding - she has a way of inserting her will wherever she wants to, ha. Harness her powers for good and not evil on our vacation

I am going to pack a one piece snow suit and some thinner layers as well as his winter clothes + a peacoat with a blanket in his car seat. I didn't know you weren't supposed to use coats in the carseat.. makes sense. I am much more confident with our warmer climate.. though it'll be a chore to carry around a super sweaty hot baby for a lot of the year for the next couple years, between this kid and our next.

ETA: of course, THANK YOU! I appreciate you replying! My to-do list is getting shorter and I'm getting more confident that I'll get to actually ski on this ski vacation. My jello post-baby legs may fail me but at least I can give it a try!
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