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February 19th, 2014, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by lemieuxcrew View Post
I felt the same way too!!!!! I agree, join a board. I really think it will help as it sounds like you already made your decision - For me, it was hard to accept too and the boards helped.

And PS - Planned parenthood DOES NOT push you into abortions. Simply not true. Pregnancy crisis centers are often religiously funded and push you into NO abortions. Not the other way around. I have been to both. (And have never had an abortion.....simply needed WOMANS CARE, which one offers and the other doesn't.)
Lemie - I am glad for you and your LO that you had a positive experience at PP, however, many women have expressed that they are coerced into abortion at PP as well as other abortion providers. Further, PP gets $$ for abortion and rarely do they provide help in adoption minded moms or those that are keeping their baby. Crisis Pregnancy Centers, while often religious affiliated, do provide information about abortion, but do not refer for abortion. They do provide the mom with resources to help her make her decision, and if that decision is to keep the baby, help her to do so. They offer free services, unlike other places, provide the mom with maternity clothing, baby clothes, breastfeeding information, support, formula, diapers, baby food, referrals for housing if needed, counseling, ultrasounds, prenatal guidance, ietc. For many moms, they want to keep the baby but are scared and unsure if they have the resources to do so.
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