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February 19th, 2014, 04:00 PM
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Thanks everyone. You are all so amazing! Hopefully I will get my numbers back from the doctor tomorrow. In the meantime, (because I'm obviously obsessed lol) I did 2 clearblue HPT's. Yesterday's read 1 to 2 weeks. did one this morning and said 2 to 3 And judging by when DTD I would say its 2 almost bang on give or take. sorry if that's TMI lol. I'm very glad I found this forum and whatever happens, I will continue to update. I really hope this is it for me and I am praying you all get your rainbow babies soon! This time I don't plan on telling anyone (besides my bf and mom who already know) until 12 weeks+, maybe even 20 hmm not sure lol.
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