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February 19th, 2014, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by momie2b9-20-11 View Post
I need to loose about 40 lbs. I did really good last Summer and lost but then gained it back when my body went hormone crazy and many trips to the OB. Are there any exercises to avoid during the waiting period or once get pregnant? I just wish you could loose weight (without being sick) during pregnancy - or can you? I gained 50 lbs with my daughter and only lost about 10lbs of that (I gained while breastfeeding instead of loosing). I'm worried that if I get pregnant and gain another 50 lbs that my small 5'1" frame won't be able to hold it all - LOL!! Not to mention I'd be over 200 lbs which I do not want to do!!

I started out at around 135 when pregnant with first daughter and am now still 175 over 2 years PP
I think it depends from person to person, but I think most lower-impact exercise would be fine...walking, elliptical, certain weightlifting, exercise bike. After the first trimester, I would avoid exercises on your back, or deep lunges and heavy lifting, but I think most things are fine unless you are high risk. I think it definitely helps me relax too. I like to get on the exercise bike and watch Netflix or read; helps pass the time.
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