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February 20th, 2014, 02:29 AM
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Can I pop in and feed the unicorn?

Well for one, the pain you are feeling is normal. Its the fallopian tubes contracting. Hopefully its moving an egg down the line. Since you had a nice big follicle, it only makes sense you should experience some discomfort moving that sucker down the line. Now, the only times I have felt O pains like that so far after O, have been when I was PG. PG with DS2 and this time. I also had what must have been implantation pain with both PGs as well. DS2 I had a LOT of pain and ended up with a SCH from him digging in so deep. The paid was so bad actually I ended up undergoing a lap surgery to check for a tubal twin. The pain was on the Right side, which is the side he implanted on, and Ramzi's theory states boys implant on the right. He's a boy! Now I also am just super sensitive on the right side of my body, so... take what you will from it. This time I am still having pain on the right. I'm hoping that its just a cyst or something cause I would LOVE for a girl and they implant on the LEFT.

Just sayin. Unicorn - GO AWAY!
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