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February 21st, 2014, 10:58 AM
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It all just depends on what you like.

Some women feel that the water helps them relax, but I've also heard others say they found it irritating. The water can only be at a certain temperature, so it won't have the same effect as a steamy bath. But the warm water can also help to soften your perineum and allow it to stretch a little more. You might find it easier to get into certain positions because you'll be slightly buoyant. But you're also more confined in the water. You can rock a little, but you can't get the full on motion of walking. You can also switch back and forth though.

The tub at the birth center I use has several different settings. Bubbles, water jets, even mood lighting. I preferred it dark and still, but other moms really liked the massaging jets.

The only cons I can think of for waterbirth would be any regulations set by a hospital or birth center. Obviously, a home water birth would be much more flexible. I had to hand baby off to get out of the tub to deliver the placenta. (high sides+steps+slippery feet=no go for baby) It wasn't too bad because she was passed straight to dad for skin to skin time with him, but I would have preferred to keep contact until after the placental delivery. Some places will only allow you to labor in the water up until a certain point.
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