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February 21st, 2014, 12:07 PM
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I usually check in on my son when he is having a shower and sometimes help him wash if sometimes I think he is not getting was properly or well enough and even sometimes have a shower with him. This last time I was in the shower with him, I went to was off his smegma under his foreskin as he usually forgets and like me to do it anyway because I usually clean it better, so after cleaning his penis, I noticed he got an erection about a minute later but I had never really seen an erection on him before and so I asked him, 'Is this the first time your willy has been like this?' he said no and that it had been doing that for a few weeks now. Then I thought to myself, is he starting puberty because I also noticed that when he had that erection that his foreskin no longer completely covered the head of his penis as you could see the tip. So I asked him 'Do you want me to continue having showers with you' and he said yes because when I am there, he always tries to get washed properly and that he gets cleaner when I help him. So that got me thinking, at what age should I stop having showers with him, because I am alright still having showers with him now but I think I should probably stop when he is 12 or 13 because I know he usually has trouble cleaning under his foreskin. I also want to know whether my son has actually started puberty?

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