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February 21st, 2014, 03:00 PM
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It was a learning curve for me, my first had latch issues so that was rough, he only ended up nursing until 4 months or so, then i stopped.

My 2nd was much better he took to it great and it was a lot easier, i think i was less overwhelmed and self conscious about nursing anywhere so that helped. I wanted to nurse him for atleast a year (possibly 2) but i got pregnant again and Will refused to nurse after that, so he was 8-8.5 months when he stopped.

Finn is still nursing at almost a year, i want to nurse until hes 2 and then go from there, some days i think id let him nurse until he wanted to self wean and then other days i think 2-2.5 years is my cut off, we will see i guess
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