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February 22nd, 2014, 09:47 AM
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So as I posted before I spoke with one of the nurses yesterday regarding my blood sugar numbers. They communicate the doctor's recommendations. And I get email from them and the doctor as well. So when I spoke with the nurse was before the office closed, but it was going to be to late for me to go down yesterday and pick up the insulin and have them show me how to use it, so the nurse said to come in Monday morning. Well when I woke up this morning I checked my email and the doctor had sent an email after the office closed (so about an hour after I talked with the nurse) saying the glyburide isn't working (which actually it's working to well, which is why I'm having the lows) and I need to go on insulin because lows are life threatening to me and the baby. Ok no nurse or doctor should ever tell a patient that something is life threatening in an email, especially when I now have to wait until Monday to go in. Doctors and nurses really need to take a class about how to communicate with patients. So now all weekend (well I'm sure the rest of the pregnancy) I'm going to be freaked out about going to low. And I know from reading here on the board that people can have lows with insulin as well as the pills. I'm not fond of this new doctor, but with maybe 40 days left I don't feel it's worth it to find another new doctor at this point. Just wanted to rant/vent. Thanks for reading.

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