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February 22nd, 2014, 02:11 PM
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Natania has been having angry fits since she was less than three months old.....kid is gonna have a temper. She turns beet red, looks pissed, veins pop out on her head, she gets stiff and screams bloody murder. My MIL loves to point out how much she's like their side of the family, she got the angry baby from their side as well. Babies on my side of the family are laid back and super chill. As soon as Natania gets whatever it is she wanted she is fine. When my mother first saw this side of her, her eyes got huge and she couldn't believe, said she had never seen a baby so young pitch such a fit. My MIL says DH was like this but as soon as he could walk and do whatever he wanted for himself he because a very laid back toddler.....his family are all high drive people.
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