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February 23rd, 2014, 04:44 AM
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We have gone to the police, the superintendent, the ER (teacher pushed her head into a concrete wall...and yes, nothing was done. They logged it as an accident, which it was not, and no one would listen to us. It was enough that the nurse sent home a paper telling us what to look for in a concusion.) We gone to numerous lawyers, child advocates...I could go on. It's horrible. I want to go up there for a PPT so bad so they cant hang up on me for standing up for my daughter.) So, we have gone to and have tried everything. Even pulled her out of school until they fix the situation and they threatened her Dad with sending DCF to take our daughter away. It's disgusting. I told them they were lucky I wasnt up there. God bless my little girl though. She is overcoming all that horrible stuff and still keeps her head up and keeps moving forward despite those *insert alot of very bad words* people.

Anyway.. on a lighter note. AF still didnt show up yet. I think tomorrow morning will make the first true day of missing AF. My cycles are 25-27 days. I went to a baby shower last night. I planned on a cute dress and was so happy. Went to put it on and my BB's wouldn't fit! I couldn't zip the dress up past them! My wedding ring is tight. My pants are feeling snug. The bloating could be AF going to show up tomorrow, but not my BB's blowing up. My bra is tight. If AF shows up tomorrow morning, then that means I just gained weight and I dont see how.

At the baby shower... our good friends Mom came walking up to me (I didnt know my DH told her we were trying for a baby) and she put her hand on my belly and prayed. Then said this is my year. I'm going to be blessed. She then said, maybe even with twin. I said oh heavens... blessed with a baby would be need to pulled out twins here. haha Shew as very sure. All the 4 yo little girls were all hanging out with me alot of the evening. It was cute. LOL And they loved the outfits I crocheted for them and so did everyone else so i was happy with that.

Sorry so long! wow..if you made it this far... God bless you and thanks! haha I wish you the best this week Renee!! FX'd for you!!
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