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February 23rd, 2014, 08:06 PM
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If she is in our age group...that was fairly uncommon back then. Now people do it all the time.

I don't love the idea of not giving a longer, more formal name. I just don't know that a professional woman wants to always be "Jenny" for everything. There is a certain image that comes with a cutsie name that doesn't necessarily lend itself to formal use. And, yes, we should not judge someone based on a name, but it happens all the time and probably won't change. I prefer the longer versions so the child has room to select a nickname based on the situation or their desires. We named our daughter Josephine with every intention of only calling her Jo. But I wouldn't even consider only calling her Jo as a formal name. Just because we don't use Josephine, doesn't mean she might not want it someday for her college applications. Or even just when she is in second grade and wants a girly name. I sometimes wish my name wasn't so "cutsie." It's obviously not the same, since it's not short for anything. But I think my name implies a degree of informalness that I could do without in some arenas.

(And often, I hear people say "we never will call them "Alexander" so why use it?" But we didn't intend to call Josephine her full name...and yet we do!)
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