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February 23rd, 2014, 10:16 PM
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Wow! I've missed a lot in the couple of days I've been gone. I'm afraid to mention anyone by name because I know me well enough to know that I'll leave someone out.

Two days of Lupron down. I've had a headache pretty much nonstop since the day before AF came (2/5). I had a couple of days right after without one but then I started my BCPs and have had one pretty much nonstop with 4 migraines in that mix. Today, the headache was a little less. So I'm hoping the BCPs were a large part of the problem with the headaches and that they're going to completely go away or at least be less intense. We have our baseline exam this Thursday, start Menopur on Friday. Last time I was on Menopur my headaches went away completely so I'm really praying for that to repeat itself!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck to everyone with upcoming visits, u/s, blood work, ER and ET.
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3/14/14-- ER, 12 eggs retrieved, all 12 fertilized by ICSI
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3/24/14-- Faint BFP w/FMU.
3/31/14-- Beta = 578!! U/S scheduled for 4/14!
4/14/14-- U/S confirms TWINS!! Strong heart beats, perfect shape and perfect size!
6/11/14-- TWIN BOYS!!!!
11/1/14-- Jacob Roger and Josiah Todd are welcomed to the world!!
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