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February 24th, 2014, 07:45 PM
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My daughter (born April 25, 2013) who is now 10 months old, was prescribed 1tsp.of Miralax when she was 6 months old. In January of this year, we had gone to the ER at South Baldwin two times in a row. The first time, they wrote it off as constipation and told us to give her 2-3 tsp. of Miralax per day (if she needs it). I only give it to her once a day and if she hasn't had a good stool in a day or two, I give her 2 teaspoons. I'm sitting over here literally trying to stay calm, because of this forum. I'm afraid it will cause her a lot of problems, because I was told by her PED and the ER to do this for her constipation issue and this would be the best way to relieve her. She's not doing anything out of the ordinary, but I do notiice that she doesn't urinate until she wakes up. Very seldom does she ever wake up with a wet diaper. I give her 6oz. of juice daily. Three meals a day, morning: oatmeal, lunch: veggies, fruit and/or yogurt, dinner: meat and veggies with it's not like she's not getting the nutrition she needs to help her have a stool. I'm switching her off Similac Total Comfort and seeing if Gerber will help. I've had her on Soy, Sensitive, and Advanced. My husband is getting Benefiber tonight. My question is, will this cause any future disorders or problems? Will this affect her health? Please respond.

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