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February 25th, 2014, 10:25 PM
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Pamela is there a chance maybe you didn't ovulate? With the inconsistent sleep pattern, mouth breathing and room temps? Still praying you get a blaring positive when you test again.

I personally hate having a thermometer in my mouth. It's so much easier taking it vaginally. My temps tend to stay pretty consistent. I could take my temp next cycle orally to see if there is a huge difference? I have a brand new one that hasn't been used.

I tested this evening and not a hint of a second line. I wish just once I got a tease of something but nope. I also used 2 different kinds and not even an indent.

On a good note, met with the school today an the meeting went well. If I wanted to pick my children up everyday, the school district would pay me to do it. They are still exploring other transportation options. I seriously do not want to pick them up every day after school. Especially a day when I have one kid home from school and I have to put him in the car to pick up his brother.

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