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February 27th, 2014, 12:54 PM
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We haven;t decided yet if 2 is it for us. We'll see what happens

Cam is ALL about Daddy right now. But he goes through phases with both of us.

Gah. I am trying to cancel our mortgage insurance because I believe we're over insured for it and there are much better products out there to cover that at a better rate. Apparently they need to talk to BOTH me and DH. I contacted them 2 weeks ago. And they keep calling back our house at like 2pm. Um, we both work. And I have said multiple times in emails to use our cell phones and even provided the numbers. And they keep calling the house. The next payment is supposed to come out Monday so now I'm going to the bank tomorrow to put a hold on the payment. My portion is apparently cancelled but not DH's....because he has to talk to them himself, I cannot cancel on his behalf. He drives for a living. He can't be on the phone. He's tried calling on his lunch or break but can't get through. I am SO glad to be done with this company soon. Rant over lol.
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