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February 28th, 2014, 11:31 PM
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M2M...thats gotta be uncomfortable! whod of known though right? powder is powder to me....and wow on catching the guy. but the trainer??? whoa.

Um Ive no clue the difference or if there is one but some hospitals have " birthing centers" ??? maybe that?

Momto the 6th--grocery shopping on any day for me is never fun.

Yah for the road trippers coming home!!! they really got to do alot!! so cool for them. we havent been to a museum for ages.
Fw maybe pay for a 1-2 night B&B stay for her and her dh? or a real nice framed picture from the road trip they have?

MIL this songs for YOU____

" Rain rain go away, come again another day, ......."
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