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March 2nd, 2014, 06:40 PM
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That looks 100% girl to me! I have two boys and I mean even at 16 weeks its very obvious, and by 20 weeks its almost unmistakeable (my first sons ultra was at 16 weeks and his picture is all boy! My second sons picture was at 20 weeks and his shot is also 100% boy. I did not get a "money shot" gender pic for this little one, but the tech said boy so I'll stick with that, and keep my reciepts just on the off chance she was wrong. (I dont think she was, but I just never saw the boy parts, although I really think this baby is a boy. If it is a girl I would be shocked to say the least) But this actually happened to someone I know. Both times the said that they were having two little BOYS and they ended up having two little GIRLS LOL So it does happen... But really that looks like a baby girl to me! A baby boy's "weiner" would be sticking out much more by now, and his testicles would be set back more, where as in that photo the clitoris/laybia is sticking out just slightly more forward than her "lips" to me that shot just screams little girl. So try not to fret, but if you are worried, just keep your reciepts!!!

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