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March 3rd, 2014, 06:26 AM
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Hello, everyone! My husband and I are doing the "not trying, not preventing" method. Also, AF and I are not the greatest friends. From age 16 to age 21, I did not have a period at all. As of last year, I started to get them again, but it is very irregular. My last period happened in October. I do not know when I ovulate.

On Feb. 24, I had a very light pink smear on the toilet paper when I wiped. I didn't think twice about it, thinking AF decided to finally stop by. A couple hours later, another pink smear, slightly darker. And then another couple hours passed. I wiped to check the status of AF, and I got 3 drops of bright red, clot free blood. Well, I thought the flood gates would burst any moment. I had lower back pain and gas (pardon me) like I had in the past with AF. The only problem was that was it. A couple pink smears and a few drops of blood.

I thought it was weird, but I decided to just ignore it. I didn't even know what implantation bleeding was or that it even existed up until 3 days later and AF still hadn't shown. I started to get a little suspicious about being pregnant because I woke up feeling extremely nauseated. I didn't throw up, but the smells in my house that didn't exist before I went to bed just about keeled me over. So I did some research and came across IB.

From what I understand, IB color usually ranges from light pink to dark brown, but it can be bright red or even black. The amount can be a small smear, a few drops, or it can mimic a light period, and it can last from anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

So far, I get bfn's. The thing is, I have a family history (as in 4 biological women) of testing negative on pee sticks the entire pregnancy, and testing negative several times before getting a positive with blood tests. My mother had to have 2 of her 5 pregnancies confirmed with an ultrasound due to all tests coming up negative. As a result, I'm not too convinced with any bfn's I'm getting.

As a side note and something I noticed after the idea of pregnancy got into my head, I have been having some pretty trippy dreams. An example? My husband and I protecting a dinosaur egg from a Dragon by throwing rainbow sprinkles at it...and we're in a rainbow cave with a giant lake and waterfall of rainbow yogurt.

In the meantime, I have changed my diet to be healthy and full of plant based nutrition.

Anyway, after reading all this (sorry, I'm big into detail), what are your thoughts? Does it sound like pregnancy? Could it be something else? What should I do?
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