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March 4th, 2014, 12:43 PM
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The birth center we're using has the moms swab themselves. They give you a packaged swab and a sealed tube and tell you how and where to swab. You do it in a single bathroom and give the tubed swab to the nurse when you're done.From what I've read, there are natural treatments to GBS. They are fairly similar to natural treatments for UTIs or yeast infections. Probiotics, garlic, etc... But those are treatments done long before labor begins.I personally will be taking the test again. There is no way to know if you need treatment (natural or otherwise) if you don't know you have it. You could ask your care provider if they're comfortable with you starting a base probiotic regimen just for preventative measures. And if you do happen to test positive, you can discuss with them what options you have for natural treatments. It can go away before birth, but you would also need a followup test to make sure it's gone.

Here's a link to an article if it helps
Evidence Based Birth – Group B Strep in Pregnancy: Evidence for Antibiotics and Alternatives
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