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March 5th, 2014, 03:54 PM
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First I completely agree as far as not all doctors have the "standard medical" mentality, just as not all midwives have the "holistic/natural mentality. The midwives contracted through the hospital that delivered my kids, were both meh. The first was by far the WORST! She was horrible, worse than most drs Ive dealt with. ( I had a natural hospital birth, with the exception of the Iv ( I had one) and the eye drops/and blood testing on the baby- but I really didnt know what I was in for, I was also fairly young (20) The second was much better, but she didnt really say too much, just came in to check me and catch him. The nurses were wonderful though, brought me a rocking chair let me walk, ect. Other than one did try to PIT me, which I flat out refused (my labor was less than 5 hours!!!! - w my second)Anyways now I have looked into it much more. First and foremost it really does depend on your insurance. You really have to look around, interveiw and see who meets your requirement, but you have to do that with most things. Fortunately most of my referrals were quite good. And none of them are too pushy with medications, although they do ensure the child has their vaccines- but you can opt out and they will not treat you poorly- which is very nice

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