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March 6th, 2014, 06:46 AM
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Alright ladies, I need some parenting advice.

Yesterday I took the kids to a Lego activity at Chapters (big bookstore). They had an activity where they could build a little dog and take it home. Fun! They also had some Lego out to play with. Today Oscar shows me 4 little pieces, claiming "I'm always discovering new little pieces I didn't know I had!" (he gets lots of lego donations from his older cousins). They were cool pieces and so obviously stolen from Chapters. After a leading line of questioning, he stuck to his story and keep lying to me. I let it sit for awhile and eventually got the truth out. Ugh. What do I do now? This isn't the first time he has stolen. He has stolen little lego pieces from friends' houses before. We are good friends with the manager from the store and O is close with her son (in fact, the lego the kids were playing at the store with belonged to her son), so I think he sees it more as our friend's place, not as a store. But still, stealing is stealing. And then the lying Bah. I'm so disappointed. Obviously, there will be all kinds of consequences, I just have to decide on what. How do I get it through his head? He's a good little guy, I don't know why this keeps happening.


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