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March 6th, 2014, 08:01 AM
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Today marks 9w3d for us. We're due 10/6 with #2. DD is 16 months.

Feeling pretty bloated today but wondering if it's from the gigantic bowl of oatmeal I shared with DD this morning. Or, the fact that I haven't had a BM in a couple days. Either way, not pleasant.

After having DD I lost 42lbs, 20 of what I gained with her plus an additional 22lbs. Needless to say, I kind of forgot what it feels like to be tired and bloated all the time. And, to crave nothing but carbs when I've had a fairly low carb diet previously.

All that aside I'm not feeling pretty good. Mainly zero energy and hungry all the time. Here's our symptoms to date:
-occasional nausea
-frequent bathroom trips
-round ligament pain
-tender bbs
-enlarged bbs
-cold feet
-salt/sour cravings

Starting weight: 136
Current weight: 140

First OB is the 19th (11 weeks) and we haven't found the HB on the doppler yet. Maybe this week. We found it at 9w3d with DD. FX! I hate that my OB waits until you're nearly out of the first tri to be seen but I guess since I'm in a small town they don't really take on "high risk" patients. Most are sent on (about an hour away).

I think that catches us up to today. Hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight. We've been kept up by our 16 month old teething- not fun. Zombie-mode mommy lol.

Happy Thursday!
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