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March 6th, 2014, 09:07 AM
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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I thought this might be a good place for my introduction.

My name is Tennille, 37 3/4 years old. TTC #2 for 9 cycles. DS is almost 4. I am on CD 15.

I use opk and cm. I don't really get enough sleep for bbt. I really stressed myself out last time ttc so this time I vowed to keep it relatively stress free. We do have an appointment set up for a fertility consultation at the end of this month. I'm nervous abiut it. But, last time we et up the appointment, I got a BFP that week. Fx for the same miracle this time too!

I was on another forum for almost 3 years between ttc and expecting clubs and play groups before it closed. I'm looking for a new ttc home and I'm excited to meet new women i my age group who are ttc and who feel can understand some of the emotions I'm experiencing. I keep ttc private from most people IRL, and the few friends who do know seem like they are getting tired hearing about my issues.
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