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March 7th, 2014, 03:47 PM
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Sigh. So this might get long. It's been an emotional draining week and sleep, which was already hard, has been harder. Went to bed last night around 10, woke up at 2:30, laid in bed for awhile, still couldn't sleep. Played a game on my tablet for awhile, still couldn't get back to sleep. Finally at 3:30 I decided to try a warm bath (usually helps make me tired), still wasn't ready for sleep. Got up and had a bowl of cereal and decided I might as well write up the obituary for my brother for the mortuary. Finally after that at 5:30 I felt tired enough to go lay back down and probably by 6 am I was back to sleep. Well the alarm went off at 7:30 because I needed to leave at 8 for my NST at 8:30. This time I brought a little OJ with me to make sure baby was going to be awake, and a little snack as well. But I didn't take my medicines before I went because I have to take them with food and I wasn't eating yet, and really have to watch with the insulin. So I get in and baby is moving alright, the nurse even came in and said wow she's being noisy and moving a lot (when baby bumps or kicks the monitor it sounds like someone scratching a record). So I thought, ok everything is going to go much better this morning, I'll be out of here in 30 mins. Nope. She did finish the test quicker today, including the u/s. She did have to buzz the baby 1 time today because she felt she was getting sleepy. I go to give my urine sample and when I come out the nurse asks me to wait in the waiting room while she talks to the doctor. I said ok, and went into the waiting room and told the one guy waiting in there 'it's never good when they send you back to the waiting room'. So after 20 minutes of waiting for the doctor to get done with her patient the nurse comes back and tells me that the doctor wants to send me over to L&D to be ruled out PreE. Then she asked me if I knew where L&D was and if I'd had to be seen there before for this. I sort of laughed and said yes, this will be like the 4th time I think (I've lost count). So off for lab work and up to L&D to get checked out. BP was doing ok, a little high, but not enough to admit me and my labs came back fine. So after an hour and a half they released me again. I feel like I'm getting to know that place to well.

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