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March 8th, 2014, 08:35 AM
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I know it! You know the really sad thing... they said they advocate natural birth. From the very beginning I would bring up things like pushing position to see if they were right for me. And they said no problem. I tried to give them my birth plan and they said they didn't need it. And then as we got closer the OB's started arguing with me. So I brought in all my research including the biggest and most in depth study on GD and birth ever done, which concluded no relation between GD and stillbirth. And that is when they realized that they could no longer just tell me I can have the birth I want. I did put in my birth plan that I would pursue legal measures if they intentionally and without medical reason or consultation went against my birth wishes. And I guess that scared them because they are use to just pushing woman around to get what they want and what is easiest for them. When they see someone that is truly dedicated to it and not willing to go along with routine care they use aggressive scare tactics. She made me cry. She said that I had an unrealistic view of birth. And that we had to do what was easiest for the doctors. EASIEST FOR THE DOCTORS! I am sorry... but that is absurd. I made a complaint to the higher ups. He had no clue about the cytotec use (or so he said) and the abusive scare tactics they were using on pregnant woman. He said he would have a talk with them and it did not sound like the type of care that facility wishes to provide. I was and am truly outraged. I don't know how anyone would ever be okay with just doing stuff to them during birth. Not giving them a heads up or any sort of option or decision in the matter. And based on 40 year old practices to boot. And what really and I mean really makes my blood boil, is the aggressive pressure to use a drug in an unproved matter that was never even intended for that use to begin with deadly consequences. You think that if a patient says they are not okay taking a deadly drug for an unintended use it should be okay.
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