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March 8th, 2014, 10:07 AM
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Leia--so sorry that your friend is sick...but, LOVE your attitude about it! Hope you have a happy shower

Rae--let's just keep thinking 3 for 3, lol!

Sheila--I read your post while I was having coffee in my kitchen. It reminded me of how much I hated living through it being renovated. But, then I looked around and is all worth it! I love my kitchen now. We've done the rest of our house over the last few years, as well...the only other room that was near as bad to live through being renovated was the bathroom, uggh! Hope he gets your cupboards fixed least you have a new stove and couch to look forward to! You know you're getting older when new appliances and furniture starts to turn you on, lol

On an "off-topic"....I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but my DH is in the Navy. After almost 25 years, he is retiring at the end of April...gulp! It is such a scary time in our lives and I'm sure it sounds crazy that we are even TTC at this juncture--but, we are. When we decided to have the tubal reversal, we made the decision that he would be a stay at home dad if we were successful. I have a good career and he will have a retirement check coming in, so it will work for us financially. Here's the kicker--since my dad died in January, I have this deep desire to live near one of our families. My fear is that if we don't pack up and move right after he retires that we will never move back home. The only problem is that "home" isn't in the same place. I'm from Georgia and he is from about opposite ends of the spectrum. So, this is what we've decided--I've sent my resume to a few places in Wisconsin and in Georgia. Whichever pans out, we will move to. I secretly want GA to work out (surprise, surprise!). So, here I am at the age of 42, TTC, change jobs, sell my house, and move to only God knows where....YES, I've lost my mind!!! Some days, I question why we are even TTC instead of getting a puppy, lol. Then, I realize that it is because this wonderful man that I married 16 years ago, that joined me in raising my two boys and has loved them as his own deserves to experience it all. A child of his own. I only pray that in all of this craziness that I will be able to give that to him! Thanks for listening...I just needed to vent
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You know my deep desire for a child. A little one to love and to hold, to care for,
to cherish. Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image.
Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and my baby's birth are in line with Your will. Heavenly Father and Holy Mother, hear this prayer of my heart, mind and spirit.

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