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March 8th, 2014, 12:21 PM
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Wow, I would have run away too! I left my OB at 28wks when pregnant with #2 when he said he would induce me or do a CS since I was due on a holiday (Labor Day). My 1st was a vaginal birth with no complications so I freaked out and never went back. Luckily I found my current OB who is just like a midwife. Truly. She let me labor for 18hrs with #3 (labor with #1 was 12hrs, #2 was 8hrs), and never mentioned Pitocin or anything except breaking my water. And she was right about the water holding up labor because I would not get past 8cm until she broke it. Then baby was here in 20min lol. ACOG has recently changed their recommendations on certain things and it sounds like that practice hasn't read the new recommendations. I personally won't allow Pitocin in my room. I caught a nurse trying to hang it for after the delivery last time and I freaked out. My birth plan clearly states NO Pitocin unless I am hemorrhaging, which has never happened. My OB is fine with that, and everything else I want. She doesn't mind eating in labor, no IV, intermittent monitoring, progressing at your own pace. She is even the one who had me pushing standing up and in other positions with #4, to see if it would thin out the rim of cervix I had left. I'm glad you had time to find a midwife you like!
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