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March 8th, 2014, 12:34 PM
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Natural birth friendly OB's are there. I have one. I would check with your local birth center if you have one. Find out who their back up OB is. Are there any local natural minded moms groups? They may have suggestions as well. Insurance is required to cover birth center birth. It make take some phone calls to get it approved, but they have to cover it. It is possible to have a natural birth in a hospital as well. AS long as your provider is on board and you don't mind speaking up for yourself. I flat out told the anesthesiologist that I wouldn't be needing her and I would keep on eating and drinking as I pleased. Even the nurses would bring me food when I asked and my OB was fine with it. She didn't want to hear that and told me I would change my mind. I told her I was 7cm dilated already and no I wouldn't be changing my mind lol. I had to get onto a nurse who tried to hang Pit as well. So it is possible to have a natural birth but you may have to speak up for what you want. You can always say "I do not consent" And ask for a form to sign to release the hospital if you are refusing something they try to tell you is medically necessary.
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