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March 8th, 2014, 03:13 PM
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My first we bought a crib and she never slept in twins came when she was 2 and I had a co sleeper that one twin would sleep in while the other was beside me and my 2 year old on the other side....our littlest again we bought a crib...well he never slept in it...he still cosleeps with us and is 4...but his toddler bed is in our room now though and before this baby gets here he will be in there! I hope!!!! This baby will be cosleeping..I wont even bother with a crib. I need my sleep and this is the way we all get sleep...My stepdaughter was 2 when I met dh..and she slept in a toddler bed. As a baby she had always slept in a crib...they bottlefed her though...All my children have nursed.
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