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March 10th, 2014, 12:15 PM
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The baby will be in our room but definitely not in our bed. Our mattress is soft and squishy and feels like a cloud. There is no way I'd switch to a firm mattress, because I'd never sleep. I like to have pillows everywhere and big fluffy blankets. And my dogs sleep on the bed, and my cats. We've got a pack n' play type thing that has a changing table, infant bassinet, full sized sleeper and vibrates and plays music and all that. We're going to keep that near the bed and somehow figure out how to keep the cats out of it. That will take months of training and the still won't listen when I'm not there.When the baby is sleeping the night or most of it, they will be in their own room. My SO would be okay with co-sleeping until the baby is older, he slept with his parents until he was like 10 for some reason. The only way I'll keep the baby in our room longer is if the new house's layout is like the one we have right now. Right now our master and other bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house and that wouldn't work well.
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