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March 10th, 2014, 03:29 PM
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Hi all!

New here so pardon anything I'm doing incorrectly! We are on month 4 of **seriously** TTC (all 4 months with OPK, first month charting) and I have a slightly irregular cycle (30/31/40/32 are my recent lengths). I'm on CD 22 now and had a clear positive OPK on digital (clearblue) as well as Wondo strips as of 6am this morning. My temperature also dropped the last few days from 97.46 down to 96.20 at the lowest point this morning. I did use both a digital OPK and Wondo test last night around 9pm, and although the Wondo looked possibly positive, the digital was reading negative. We BD Saturday morning and this morning as soon as I saw the positive OPK. Looking at temps and a positive OPK test, do you think our timing was ok and how many more times/days should we continue to BD?? Should we try again tonight? It seems like people have mixed feelings about that, but if it's like 15 hrs apart...

Thank you so much in advance!! I feel like I'm getting too scientific about TTC, but its hard not obsessing over temps, opks, etc once you start. We've been married almost 5 years and we are so ready for a little one!!
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