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March 11th, 2014, 11:11 PM
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this is also in a few other places... but I didn't figure Meagan and Rachel would find it unless Rachel's still stalking TTCAL.

I really should have recorded everything they said, I'm sure I'll screw something up trying to explain it.

It's Game On.

To avoid typing all this out, I took pictures of what she wants done. I apologize if they are huge.

Step one is to call my insurance and find out which of these are covered (if any), if not covered, this is $2000 worth of bloodwork that I don't think will go towards my deductible (insurance newbie) :/ At least they gave me all the codes to make it easier to discuss it with them.

This kinda works out good for me, since my GP didn't want another thyroid draw until pregnancy occurred OR September, and that made me nervous. The way they have it worded is that they want answers for extremely heavy periods and recurrent pregnancy loss, NOT infertility. The chromosome test is 100% optional and DH wants to skip it for now, and I'm ok with that.

They want this done as well, there is absolutely no reason this wont get covered.

They also want to do a Sonohystogram and ultrasound (they only bill for the hystogram since they do the ultrasound with it). They'd also like to do something called Femmeview, which is pushing air bubbles through my tubes to see if they're open. They admitted, they've never seen it covered by insurance before, BUT (don't you love a but?) where I had an untreated STI known to cause scarring of the tubes, so they'll push the company a bit. If they won't cover, DH and I will discuss the cost since this has been a concern of mine from the start.

Right now they are not asking for actual CD 3 labs. They didn't say why other than "one step at a time." They said they will do them though, just starting with this.

They gave me a handout on both Clomid and Femera, and that the results of everything would determine which they would give me IF I needed it.

They also gave me a req for a SA for DH, no urologist needed, they can do it and give the results to me (with a signed form of course) with out us having to pay for an office visit for DH. Soon as he's back he will go get it done, since the "next step" depends on what that SA says.

I also need to schedule a new pap, a follow up to the abnormal one last year to see if I need yet another colposcopy. We've already decided that an OB will be doing the next one, because they can take more samples (I could throw up even thinking about another one.. that thing was terrible).

Progesterone is definitely on the table. Depending on what future labs show for cd 3 and cd 21 progesterone it could be start on day of BFP, or start 4dpo.. and baby aspirin is an official "prescribed" medication until further notice... she was horrified that the last OB had told me to stop it. They did say that Lovonox is also possibly on the table if anything comes back with the clotting tests. I knew this... but hell, I can't even give myself a freaking finger poke for an A1C! *cries* Hopefully if it comes to that I will be able to get past it because it's the difference between being pregnant and miscarrying... right? (someone reassure me here.. of all the things they talked about.. this was the one that got me)

I'm sure I missed something. It was a long appointment (was there over 2 hours between three people) and there was a lot of information. They were very glad I went in there having a decent idea of what to expect to happen, and understood what they were saying.

What really struck me was.. I told her that the last doctor said that everything was related to my weight, that if I'd just lose the weight, I'd be fixed. And I said that nothing like being told it's all my own fault for being fat, that nothing else could be working against me. She said "Ashley, I'm going to use your own words here. Yes, you are "fat", and it is good that you recognize that, and know that you have to lose some weight. And yes, your infertility could be caused by you being "fat"... but your being "fat" could also be caused by your infertility as well. It is my job to hopefully fix both your weight and your infertility all at the same time. Nothing would please me more than to never write you a prescription for a fertility medication because you would up not needing it." (she even used air quotes every time she used the word fat )

Something I thought was really cool.. I mentioned to them that it was going to suck getting pregnant and having to pay full price for OB appointments until I reached my deductible. They said that they don't usually send the bill to insurance until the end of pregnancy, the end of the year or until advised by the patient. So I could pay for all appointments at full price and hit my deductible then only pay 30% for delivery (my oop max is $6300), OR I could hit my deductible with delivery, then only pay 30% for the remaining plus my copay for appointments. Seriously, this new place is AWESOME!

Oh.. DH is in Texas for at least the next 12 weeks. He's been advised they might have a foreman position opening in the next week or so and if that happens they want him to take it. It's a raise, but it means working longer down there (like... end of year or further). Nothing's ever for sure with his work, but that kinda puts a kink in TTC. Does give me longer to lose more weight though

ok.. I'm going to shut up now.
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