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March 12th, 2014, 08:35 AM
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These are times I wish I would have kept all my bills from my blood work, because I don't think everything was covered. I was tested for what I have 3 or 4 times, because that's just how its done & the bills I got were insane!

I am SO SO SO HAPPY you are someone working in your favor!

And thank you for posting this here because I don't stalk other boards out :-P

Also, I had a SUPER hard time with the Lovenox, so much so I did one shot & couldn't do anymore. The RE told me I was borderline enough to not need it, which is why she didn't give it to me. But the hematologist wanted to have all bases covered, which is why I was given it. I was told to numb the spot with ice first, to pinch the fat, to this & to that. The needle itself doesn't hurt, its getting past shoving a needle into yourself. I didn't trust DH to do it. Now, the generic ****, burns! So, if you end up on it, remember, INJECT SLOWLY!

Did I miss...where you are starting? Besides with the insurance company. I told the people I talked to, pretend I'm a child your explaining this to, because I'm new to this crap. Still don't understand it!

When I was pregnant with Zoe, I paid a co pay for blood work & ultrasounds. My appointments I didn't pay anything & my ending bill was....$200??? The hospital bill for her & I sucked.

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