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March 12th, 2014, 09:26 AM
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My Sept 2011er is Isabelle, the youngest of three. She had open heart surgery in April 2012 and goes to therapy to help her with the lingering anxiety she has from all of the medical trauma she's been through (and is still going through). She also goes to speech therapy and is being seen by genetics and neurology so lots more medical stuff coming up :\ Next up is an EEG and MRI. All three of mine have related special needs, which is why we are working with genetics--the doctors are skeptical that we randomly got three kids were similar issues so we are looking to find a genetic cause/link. I am also a part-time student (accounting)--I tried full-time but it was just too much with all of our medical stuff, too Plus my husband lives in North Dakota so its just me here at home! He's able to come home for a week every 2-3 months but I'd love to get in a financial position to make that every month Probably not anytime soon, though, because plane tickets have almost doubled in price now that summer is coming :\
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