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March 12th, 2014, 12:14 PM
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My go copay is $30. Specialist is $60. But they dont consider them as visits until deductible is reached if youb are pregnant. Thats why the office holds off on billing.

If I dont need blood thinners I have 0 intention of giving birth with the goin with the birth center.

Lora has offered to do any jabs I might need if woody cant handle it. Im not afraid of needles. I dislike injections and the actual poking part....cant even do a finger jab (I will likely have to order one of those sugar monitors you can test off your arm with lol). To quote her "who wouldnt jump at the opportunity to stab their ex husbands new wife with a needle over and over?" Lol.

You were at the re for your testing right? This is just ob and the reason behind the visit is coded along the lines of "failure to maintain pregnancy due to severe abnormal bleeding during menstrual cycle". She does doubt I have a concerning disorder since baby aspirin makes me bruise badly sometimes...but better to know.
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