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March 13th, 2014, 09:08 AM
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Choriod plexus cysts are very very (very very) occasionally indicators of genetic disorders, so you might want to get some genetic counseling. But generally speaking, they are in fact harmless. There are many people walking around with choriod plexus cysts in their brains and they don't even know it! So I would have some genetic testing done just to be safe, but other than that try not to worry (I know this is hard). This cyst is not going to threaten the pregnancy, it is probably a normal part of brain development that disappears on its own by 32 weeks, and even if it doesn't, you are going to have a completely normal baby who will live a long healthy life. The words 'brain cyst' sound terrifying, but really, other than talking to a genetic counselor just in case, everything is really going to be fine. Brain cysts really are normal.

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