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March 13th, 2014, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by lelila View Post
Katy, I'm so glad your levels finally went back to normal. Is there any indication that it was molar? Usually the OB has a sample of the contents of the uterus and they come back positive, which is why you have to wait 6 months, because you don't want to risk a pregnancy if you have pre-cancerous cells that can still be clinging to the lining of the uterus. Also, weren't your HCG levels on the lower side? Molar pregnancies tend to have very high levels, don't they? Perhaps a little clarification from the OB on why they think it was Molar?

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That is the confusing part because they never took any samples of anything (other than doing HCG levels). My DH went with me to my last appointment and I said something to him about them not ever saying anything before about it being a molar pregnancy and my DH said "He didn't say it was a molar pregnancy they are just treating it that way." And it was only based on my HCG levels which were low:

Feb 11: 30
Feb 14: 22.6
Feb 21: 32
Feb 23: ?
Feb 26: 20
Mar 4: 14
Mar 11: 5

My OB said that they don't want my HCG levels to go up any for the next 6 months! I think they based it off the fact that my HCG level went up higher that one time. I am wondering if it was because I continued to keep taking my prenatals and there was a bit of retained tissue in there and the folic acid was what made it start multiplying (dividing again) but I don't know for sure. They only gave me the one u/s and it was on my first visit and it showed NOTHING in the tubes or uterus. I only had heavy bleeding and clots for 9 days (at the start of my m/c) and NONE of the clots were in the shape of a grape!!!

The nurse who gave me the methotrexate shot said that it would cause me to cramp pretty bad and bleed. Well I didn't really have much cramping just general stomach pain and nausea and I never did have bleeding that was full flow; it was mostly spotting with a few times that it was a little heavier (usually only when I wiped) but never once soaked a pad!!! After I had the shot I didn't take my prenatals or eat very many things that had a whole lot of folic acid in it until my regular OB told me to start taking folic acid when I saw him on Mar 6.

That is why I am even questioning about waiting the whole 6 months part.....I do plan on waiting the three months for sure to let my body build back up the folic acid I lost because of the methotrexate shot. I hate the battle with my mind...and I have even thought about if I did get pg before the 6 months was up about going and seeing a different OB even though I really like the one I have now. I guess I will wait and see how things go. I plan on going to have my pap done in May and I might say something to my OB then about still having to wait before ttc. I also don't know if they plan on having me come in once a month to check my HCG levels either because they never did say.....

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