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March 13th, 2014, 05:22 PM
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Sheila--Love the new kitchen & stove! If this is your first double oven--you are going to love it! The boys already look pretty comfy on the couch--nice choice! Sorry you are feeling like crap, hun

Katy--I can see why you are confused! Your numbers don't look like a molar pregnancy, at all. Definitely worth a second discussion with your OB when you go in May. TTC is such an emotional rollercoaster! I have to say that before having my TR, I really only worried about having an ectopic...but, there is so much more disappointment out there. It's heartbreaking. You know, I've never thought to ask you before now--where did you go for your TR? Just a curiosity question. I went to Chapel Hill.

Pam--I've never owned my own business, but it sounds pretty stressful. So sorry that this is all coming at you at once. Perhaps, though, it is a good distraction from the 2ww...and a BFP this month will turn things around for you

Renee--How's DH and his back? Hope he is feeling better and up to the task...pun intended

Leia--Is that chair done, yet? Looking forward to seeing pics. I know I didn't start this group until November, but I still can't believe the finish line is in site for you. Very exciting!!!

Rae--I've been thinking about all the cramping and all that you've been having. All I can say is that must have been one heck of an egg you shot out! I'm feeling very positive about this month for you

AFM--I went to see DH at the hospital after I got off from work. He was feeling better. They pulled his NG tube (sucks his stomach out), and told him that if he continues to improve he will come home either Saturday or Sunday On another note, I came home this evening to a very lonely dog--he's not used to spending his afternoons alone. Just picture a 60 pound Weimaraner that thinks he is a 5 lb lap dog...yeah, he is all up in my grill...and I can hardly breathe, lol.
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