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March 13th, 2014, 05:26 PM
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Sheila the couch and oven look like they are already getting broken in. Kids relaxing on the couch and something already baking in the ovenWhen I was pregnant and nursing dermatologist told me to use Clean and Clear. She could prescribe the hard stuff, but it seem to work well and gave me a little relief.

Are glad to hear you aren't cramping anymore. You most likely had one very powerful ovulation. I can hardly wait to hear the outcome for this cycle.

Paula sorry to hear about your husband. Sounds way too painful and downright uncomfortable.

Katy hoping you get TTC in 3 months instead of 6, especially if you feel your ready. Prayers for you!

Leia very very very soon you'll be meeting that little baby boy. Did you do.a theme for his nursery?

Pamela yikes you had one check of a stressful day yesterday. Today is a new day.

My lovely DH is outside right now mowing. The question is, will it wreck havoc on his back even more? I reserve the right to get angry if it's another "No Go" On the bright side, at least the yard will look nice.
I am going to go and take another OPK to see where I'm at.

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