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March 14th, 2014, 04:43 AM
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Sheila.... everything looks great so far I was thinking about a wrap around sofa in our family room. I love those. Ours would have to be L shaped though.

Katy.... 6 months does seem long. Well, in TCC terms it IS a long time. Hopefully all that can get straightened out. If your doc isnt giving answers, I would go see someone else. NEVER stay with a doctor that doesnt listen or take the time to give you all the info you need and helps you understand what is going on. Dont be afraid to ask questions and NEVER let them act superior and "how dare you question me". Knock them down a peg. I learned that the hard way. *hugs*

Paula... my mind could be gone completely, or I missed the post as to why your DH is in the hospital. I'm truly all over the place lately. Hope he's ok and prayers sent!

Leia... you are getting so close! Can't wait to see your little one! So excited for you

Renee... back pain sucks! Between my back issues and my DH's, I'm surprised we function! I recommend stretches. I use an exercise ball by laying over it and stretching my back. Does wonders. You were still getting a flashy smiley so still have time last I read. havent read posts this morning as of yet.

afm... I'm tired as can be. we have a TON of work to get out before April 1st. But I tell ya.. prayer and having great friends does wonders! We were able to work everything out. It's not 'fixed' but we have hope again. Even had one of our customers tell us that if we get his 1970 Caddy done for April.. HE will pay the two months we are behind! Couldn't believe it. We had great friends stepping in offering to help because they believe in us and that gives us hope. =) And as for the TTC stuff...5dpo... too early to see a temp trend but it did go up. Not worrying about symptoms until after the time of implantation but overall, I'm just still achy, allergies are killing me bad, and I'm tired.
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