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March 14th, 2014, 07:24 AM
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Katy--sorry, I honestly didn't mean to creep you out by asking you retrospect, if someone had just asked me that out of the blue, I don't think I would've answered it. When I'm not solicited for information, I'm probably much more open than I ever should be, lol. The only reason I asked is that I had mine done at one of the major TR centers--by the Chapel Hill guys. I was so happy with my experience there that I tell everyone where I had it done at...again, probably TMI. I have found a lot of our other TR sisters (via a private board) that have met such resistance from there OB on getting treatment for TTC after their surgery. Their docs seem to think that TRs never work and that they should have gone straight for the IVF in the first place. It's awesome that your OB actually did yours--now he/she has to stand behind their work! When I talk to some of the other TR girls, I realize how lucky I am that my doc doesn't judge my fertility based on the fact that I had a TR...she only judges me on my age, lol! It probably didn't hurt that I got pregnant the second month of TTC after my surgery. I'm sure that gave her a little more reason to support us on this endeavor. Anyhow, your OB sounds like he is really on your side--even if he isn't telling you what you want to hear. Maybe in May he will be able to give you more insight on the reason for waiting the 6 months...or perhaps, reduce the time to 3 months, after all. Hang in there!

Pam--I definitely believe in the power of prayer! He will take care of you So glad that things are looking up. I know I said it before, but I'll say it again, perhaps all of this is just meant to be a HUGE distraction from the 2ww...harder to symptom analyze when you are dealing with much larger issues Speaking of the 2ww...have you set a "bottom line" earliest day to test? I promised my DH (& myself) that I wasn't going to test until at least dpo 13--I got a very faint positive on dpo 12 and then a BFP on dpo 13 with my m/c. So, I am going to wait until a week from Sunday. We'll see if I keep that promise!

Leia--sounds like you are starting to nest for your little it!!

Sheila--I'm hoping you aren't cramping for AF...but for a whole different reason! I still haven't given up on your one hit wonder

Renee--I'm hoping that mowing the yard actually loosened up his back a bit...and that you were able to BD! FX'd that you catch the egg

AFM--DH called me this morning and told me that he may get discharged from the hospital as early as today. Although I am very happy about this, I sure hope that they aren't pushing things on a bit too fast. They've done that before and he's ended up having to go back into the hospital, so I tend to get a bit nervous when things start moving along. But, this is a chronic condition, and he definitely knows his body better than anyone else, so I trust him to tell us if he isn't ready. On another note, I have an overnight retreat to go to at the church tonight. It's been planned for a long time and DH still wants me to go...but, the idea of sleeping on a cot doesn't really sound appealing right now. I know I will get a lot out of it...but, I'd much rather come home and sleep in my own bed tonight, lol! I will likely get some alone time in the chapel tonight...I'll be praying for each and everyone of us!

As for my cycle, I've done the chart overlay with December's chart (my BFP month) and it is crazy how close they look! How did I go for 40+ years without ever realizing the thermal shifts in my body? And it is clockwork!!! I showed the DH and he just keeps saying "that's crazy"...we are both pretty entertained by this. I know that up until now it is only showing that I O'd, and that it isn't indicative if the sperm and egg hooked up or not. But, it is still giving me hope! I am pretty sure that I O'd on the left side. I keep wondering if the left is open since my tubal reversal...the m/c was conceived in the right tube. So, now I look forward to see if there is a shift for implantation...aah, the joy of the 2ww! For me, I went through so much to just get to this point to be in the 2ww that I don't really mind it too much. We spent years agonizing over the decision of if we were even going to try to get my tubal reversed--knowing that it could be a total failure. So now that I've had the surgery, there is this twisted little side of me that actually likes being in the 2ww--because, it is a possibility that I could be pregnant at the end of it! Until November, I haven't had that chance for the past 18, when it is all said and done, I am just happy to even be here
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